Only You Can Stop this St-St-St-St-Studdering

Although it is not exactly my cup of tea, I will listen to the radio when I am in the car.  I was driving to Becca’s house and while listening to kiss108 and I started to really question some of the recent hits.

There is a real stress on repetition… now I acknowledge that repetition is a legit poetic device…  But these songs are just redundant.

“Shots” by LMFAO says ‘shots’ sixteen times in a row at least four times in a three minute song…. That is just going overboard.

There is also “I’m only gonna break break break break break your heart, I’m only gonna break break break break break your heaaart.”  By Taio Cruz.

And Leave it to Bieber: “And now I’m like, Baby, baby, baby noo, I’m like, Baby, baby, baby noo, I’m like Baby, baby, baby noo, I thought you’d always be mine (mine)” X2  There are only words in the chorus that are not single syllable words, and once again with the repetition.

And the most ridiculous to me… first off the song is called “OMG” by Usher, secondly it not only has excessive repetition but the word that is being repeated is “oh” the chorus being: “It make me want to say oh, oh , oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ohh my gosh, it make me want to say oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh” The worst part is they get stuck in your head SO easily when it’s just the same word over and over again!

But the last song I find completely ridiculous is not for reasons of repetition.  I thought it was bad when ‘do your ears hang low’ became ‘do yah chain hang lo’ but they have managed to incorporate “enie menie miney mo” into a three minute song.  Personally, I find it so sad that that is what our generation has come to… some generations will be remember for “strawberry fields forever”, and we will be remembered for “shawty is enie meeniey miney mo lovahhh.”

Thank god we have Gaga.


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One of These Things is Not Like the Other: A Conceit

This is an orginal poem writen for Honors BritLit by Olivia Fraser and Emma Soucy…. enjoy!

Rubix Cube Shrewd Poker Face

The voice of the radio wave:

A sound that I have come to crave.

Sultry tones and harmonies

She reaches notes with flowing ease.

Alejandro wants her Bad Romance;

The Paparazzi don’t stand a chance.

Her lyrics tell of tales complex

Like Rubix cube they can perplex.

She twist her hips, the colors change.

The possibilites: an endless range.

True meaning veiled by mask of lace

Like Rubix cube’s shrewd Poker Face.

But once you’ve learned the twist and turns,

Her nuance’s charades have been adjourned.

Her Love Game inspires awe in me

They should sing her songs on Glee!

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You’re Lip Touching Mine in the Photobooth

When I turn 18 (in a year and some 23 days)

I want this:

I want my Lip pierced like so. My mother may or may not shoot me but i think she is okay with anything but tattoos… she is so ridiculously against them. But i love this. Thoughts???

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Can call all you want, but there’s no one home, and you’re not gonna reach my iPhone

So you and your lover are looking to spice up your relationship when you can’t be together in the flesh… but you so totally don’t want to be the next Vanessa Hudgens, right?  Well, clearly Apple sympathizes with your plight because they created the new “Safe Sexting” app on the iPhone.  I mean… who am I to judge?  This could basically become the condom of virtual sex.  But it seems to me that Apple is real big on creating apps that promote recklessness, laziness, and discourtesy (that’s a reference to the “Type n Walk” app , and the “Fake Calls”app).  I am not even saying that’s a bad thing, I mean sure these technical genius could be looking for something a bit more important like a crash proof safety car or household medical engineering that could improve the lifestyle of the elderly, but on the other hand, maybe it is refreshing to see society accepting the fact that people send naked pictures, go to great lengths to avoid awkward conversations, and text while walking and unfortunately driving (I hope Skehan never sees this or he would fail me on the spot for such talk).  All in all, I think the iPhone’s newest apps are ridiculous… whether or not I accept this preposterousness, I can’t say for sure at this time.

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I Will Follow You Into the Dark.

My fear of the dark is so strange.  I am scared of the dark outside in general.  Like that makes sense and all.  Then I am scared of my room when it’s dark, but not always.  If I am wearing shoes or my feet are under the covers then I am okay.  So I am afraid of my feet in the dark??  I don’t get it.  Fear is so strange… speaking of fear I really want to see Paranormal Activity, but I don’t know if I can handle it, but I love good scary movies… good as in not stupid (i.e. One Missed Call, My Bloody Valentine etc) but I am still kind of a wimp when it comes to spirit-haunting-ghost-kind of stuff… I don’t know.  I feel like Hamlet with all this inner conflict (finished that in English today, I feel so accomplished!).

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Nothing changes but the faces, the names, and the trends

A few months ago, my mom refused to go to her highschool reunion.  I hate highschool myself, but if there is one thing I would look forward to, it is the reunion years and years later.  You get the chance to see who grew up, who refused to, who got fat, who ended up with a mansion and trophy wife, and who amounted to be a trophy wife.  Depending how you look at it highschool is either the furthest things from, or the epitome of the ‘real world’.  Most of our highschool life is subconsciously devoted to competing and judging.  On another note, there is also the cliché of being a horrible misunderstood highschool student.  Well, when our world depends on word of mouth (or word of text for that matter) it is impossible to avoid being misunderstood.  Why else does everyone get blogs!? So for once we can publically renounce ourselves in our own words instead of through ten other people.  Future freshman night, remember that?  They basically said “it will all be okay, you will make new friends and love highschool, IF AND ONLY IF, you don’t do drugs, here are some words of wisdom…”  In reality no one took most of what they said seriously.  What they should have done is had the entire incoming freshman class sit in a circle and play a game of telephone and inform us “this will be a constant occurrence for the next four years.”   At the end of the day how much do we really know about each other?  I was watching Oprah and the best story came on about a destined for success, football superstar, valedictorian guy. .  To put it in perspective imagine 20 years from now hearing that Jimmy Queeny is now a proud lesbian.  Oprah even showed footage of her (him?) going to his (her?) highschool reunion.  Mark is constantly yelling at people for misusing the phrase “that’s ironic”… well, I may be going out on a limb here… bit I am pretty sure that that the majority of the attendees of that highschool reunion very accurately used the phrase “that’s ironic.”  And if that doesn’t make you take highschool a little less seriously, what else does?

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“What fates impose, that men must needs abide; It boots not to resist both wind and tide”

How can there be hundreds of different versions of the same thing?  The idea of Fate, for example, has been reinterpreted in various religious, spiritual, and romantic manners.  I don’t think I buy it.  I have a lot of trouble thinking about whether or not there is something greater than us controlling or effecting things.  I know that I do not believe in pre-destination, or the general idea that we don’t really have control of our lives; it is really already mapped out for us.  But the idea that everything happens for a reason, I don’t know if I believe in it or if I just want to believe in it in order to make hard situations seem more worth it in the long run.  But today I read something at the exact perfect moment, and a decision I was dwelling on suddenly seemed incredible simple (still difficult, but the right thing to do was clearly prominent).  It was the most perfect almost inspiring timing and it gave me a grateful feeling that I haven’t had in a long time.  A feeling of just “thank god I did that… at that exact moment, because if I didn’t, things would have gone horrible wrong.”  I doubt that I will ever truly know how life works and what controls it, but as I go to sleep tonight I will most definitely be thinking today was meant to be.  And I’ve got friends in all the right places.  P.S I love my danceteam.

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